The Secrets of the World’s Longest-Living Cultures

It’s no secret that the world at large views Americans as McDonald’s-loving, Solo cup-toting creatures of convenience.

And this perception, though obviously not universally applicable, rings true in far too many cases. The United States spends frighteningly huge gobs of money toward health care, but those good-natured dollars fail to overturn our national preference for comfort and quick fixes.

Luckily, though, lifestyle change can cure these unhealthy habits. The world’s fittest, longest-living cultures have a tendency to live quite the opposite of the typical American lifestyle. And in old age, these people are able to go about their daily business as if they were 20 years younger. That’s something we should probably pay attention to.

Want to stay fit, happy and active for the rest of your lifetime? Heed the advice of these three gracefully aging cultures.