More and more people are beginning to avoid gluten.  Whether it be because they are a celiac, going on a diet, don’t like empty carbs, or are just really picky eaters; it is also becoming somewhat of a fad.  Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that occurs genetically in people where eating gluten will damage the small intestine.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley.

Celiac Disease

We are beginning to find out that 1 in 100 people suffer from celiac disease worldwide.  Two million people in the United States have celiac disease and an alarming 20 million suffer from gluten sensitivity.  What’s even worse is that 2.5 million Americans are undiagnosed and are at risk for long-term health complications.

Effects of Gluten

Those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are at risk of an array of health problems, from indigestion and bloating to anemia, multiple sclerosis, infertility, epilepsy, osteoporosis, fatigue, and depression.  What is scary about this disease is that it can develop at any age after people start eating foods or taking medicines that contain gluten.  Unfortunately, the only treatment is eliminating gluten from the diet completely.

Dr. Jerod is a health and wellness expert and deals with people with all types of disorders and diseases.  It is essential, if you think you may have a gluten intolerance or any other health problems that you may be worried about, to make an appointment today.  Dr. Jerod can help you come up with a diet plan and can properly diagnose your disorder.  Review the symptoms and stop in and see Dr. Jerod if you have any concern.  With all the undiagnosed cases out there, you can never be too safe.

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