Most Americans these days are more concerned about the latest cell phone than focusing on something as simple as their health.  A shocking 23 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes.  What’s even worse is that 5.7 million of those with Type 2 diabetes don’t even know that they have it.  This is alarming because adults with diabetes are two to four times more likely than others to have a stroke or die of a heart disease.

Improve Your Health

What can you do about it?  Like Potassium, magnesium is a key nutrient that Americans simply don’t get enough of.  Studies consistently show that there is a strong association between high magnesium levels and a decreased Type 2 diabetes risk, especially in obese women.  Being overweight is a factor that plays the largest role in risk of Type 2 diabetes; although genetics, diet, and lack of exercise also play a role.  For those who have Type 2 diabetes the body’s cells fail to use insulin properly.  This causes you to create more insulin, so the pancreas works overtime trying to produce enough.  Blood sugar levels climb when the pancreas loses the ability to create enough insulin for the body.

A study in Circulation shows that those who consume the most potassium were 38% less likely to suffer a stroke and leads to lower blood pressure.  This proves that one in three adults need to eat more bananas, because one in three adults in the US has high blood pressure and they don’t even know that they have it.  Three out of four people who suffer from a heart attack, stroke, or congestive heart failure have high blood pressure.

Treat Your Body Right 

The moral of the story is to be more aware of what you are putting into your body.  Treat your body right because it is the only one you have.  Take time to read some labels every once in a while.  Get up and move around once or twice a day.  Eat healthy foods that are full of nutrients.  Dr. Jerod is an expert on these subjects and can shed some light on your situation.  Stop in and see him today.



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